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Welcome to Tomfoolery Photo


My name is Thomas McKinnon, though if you have my card or saw my landing page, then you already know that!


          Let’s get down to brass tacks, who am I: I was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. Small town in the middle of northern Texas right on the border with Oklahoma. Not much to really brag about but hey, maybe I’ll make it famous someday. After that I’ve lived all over the world; Japan, Germany, all across the US and where I haven’t lived I’ve probably visited and traveled through.

         This gave me a very unique perspective on the world. I realized just how different everything is, and how it’s only separated by a few hundred miles at a time. It feels so very small, but there’s just so much out there to explore and experience. By the time we moved back to the US from Germany, I found myself growing increasingly interested in visuals and filmmaking.

        I started taking photography classes at age 9. These classes were basic introductory stuff when I was in Boy Scouts. That’s right, I was in the BSA. Even got my Eagle Scout rank at fifteen years old!

         Soon afterwards, I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew that visuals were my thing. It went from a mild interest to a near obsession and passion. I made do with studying and basic digital cameras for a while. But after a couple of years, I bought my first DSLR, and it’s never been the same since.

        I quickly learned how to utilize angles, started teaching myself LUT creation, designing new graphics, taught myself color correction, learned how to edit, familiarized myself with the different NLE programs etc. 

While the majority of my initial introduction to photography and editing was self taught, I did take this interest and expertise to a film school. I applied to Colorado Film School and got accepted in 2017 before finishing in 2020. I learned a ton of professional skills that I added to my set. Things like learning how to use cinema cameras, seeing natural framing, how to create a 3D LUT for image correction, technical aspects like camera movements and menu navigation etc.

        Once 2017 was underway, I learned that my passion for photography translated into a fascination and respect for cinematography, and that brings us full circle to where we are today.

         I’m now several years older, thousands of hours more experienced, vastly more socially aware and fully intent on taking my skills to the next level in providing top tier services for friends and newcomers alike!


Now that you know who I am, you’ll obviously be wondering what my professional credentials are. If that is the case, I invite you to download my Resume from the button below! It lists all of the short films, projects and skills that I’ve attributed over the years!

        Not convinced? Take a scroll through my Gallery to see some of my selections, or go check out the store and my social media! 


Thank you, hope you have a great day!

  • Thomas McKinnon


Summary Experience

Stage Experience

Wichita Falls Theater: Stagehand and actor in;

Les Miserables

It's a Wonderful Life

Tom Sawyer

Little Women

Into the Woods

Short Films

(All links to these films are in my Resume download)

The Tale of One Who Learned to Shiver

Wing Man

Interview Ready


Happy Little Trees


Castle Rockers


The World's Greatest Cooking Show

The House of Amygdala

One Night

Fun in the Sun



Night of Horror

Teenage Wasteland

Cooking Classically

2010 - present
2010 - present
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